Under Kastanjen – Under the Chestnut tree

“Brända tomten” is one of the hidden gems of Stockholm, and there, under the chestnut tree you find us. A bistro, with a bakery (or actually, two!) and a wine bar. We are open from breakfast, and are happy to serve you all through the day. 

There is something almost magical about chestnuts. Pick one in the autumn, and put it in your pocket. Touch it once or a while, feel the smoothness. The shape is simple yet elegant.


That is what we try to accomplish Under Kastanjen – Under the Chestnut Tree.

Smoothness, a comfortable moment yet an excellent meal. Excellent food and bread, coffee and wine.

Anyone and everyone is welcome.

That means we welcome you even if you have an allergy. We’ll try to adapt our menu to your needs.
We have two bakeries. One of them is completely gluten free.

That means you can bring your dog. We have a room where dogs are welcome.

That means we serve Suspended soup and Suspended coffee every day.  

Less is more: a piece of bread, a few olives.