Under the Chestnut Tree

At one of the prettiest squares in Gamla Stan, ( ”The Old Town”)  you’ll find Under Kastanjen (“Under the Chestnut Tree”).
We are a bakery, a bistro and a bar and our deepest desire is to make people happy, filled up and satisfied.

There is something almost magical with chestnuts. Pick one up and put it in your hand and feel the softness to your skin while you look at the elegant shape.

Nedfallen kastanj på kullersten

That is what we are trying to accomplish: A relaxing and friendly  atmosphere yet excellent food.

At Under Kastanjen everyone is welcome.


That means that you are welcome to a nice dinner even if you have an allergy against some kind of food.
That means that you can bring your dog (The small room to the left is open for our furry friends)
That means that we server suspended Soup and Suspended Coffee every day. No questions asked.

Kväll Under Kastanjen

Evening at Under Kastanjen

Lite oliver, lite bröd, ett glas vin. Enkelt, men löjligt gott

Olives, some bread, a glas of red wine. Sometimes simplicity makes perfection