The Bakery

Under Kastanjens fina glutenfria toast

Under Kastanjen doesn’t have a bakery. We have two!

In our traditional bakery we bake everything from cinnamon rolls to our famous walnut bread.

In our next bakery we bake everything without gluten. Gluten is banned from that area, to the degree that it has a separate ventilation system to ensure no gluten gets in there.
A lot of our gluten free bread and patisseries are without lactose, while we’re at it…

We know how devastating one bread crumb is if you are sensitive to gluten. Many of us in the staff have personal experience of celiac decease.


That’s why everything from the glutenfree bakery is “naturally glutenfree”, we don’t use any wheat protein what so ever, since wheat protein (or “clean oat” for that matter) can contain very small amounts of gluten.

We make our assorted chocolates there, too, so they wont get “contaminated” by gluten.

And as of “no, bread or even less pasteries without gluten, they doesn’t taste good..”
We dare you.
Try us!



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