Swedish triplet:

Three typical Swedish flavours – Skagen (shrimps, dill and mayonnaise),
cold smoked salmon with horseradish cream and a slice of quiche made of
swedish Västerbotten-cheese with pickled red onion and whitefish roe

                                                                               SEK 135

Traditional swedish herring, served with cheese,
bread and butter
SEK 135

Cauliflower pancake with whitefish roe,
red pickled onion and smetana
SEK 135


SEK 135


Gubbröra på kavring –
An egg anchovy salad on kavring (a typical Swedish dark bread)
SEK 135

Air dried ham with cream cheese, sun dried tomatoes
and parmesan cheese
SEK 135

Almost everything on the menu is available without gluten and lactose.

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